How Solar Works

Solar panels are more than just energy plates on your house – they’re better for the environment and easy on your wallet
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Solar panels are made up of smaller units called solar cells. The most common solar cells are made from silicon, a semiconductor. Each silicon cell only puts out half a volt, but when they're put together, they can power an entire house or business. Solar cells last for decades, so if you're ready to be reliant on the sun, let us know, today!
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From the very beginning, there are certain things that need to be discussed before we dive into the process. The consultation meeting will give us information about your home or business, your budget, and finance options available.

Design & Permitting

Before any official work can be done but the consultation process was a success, there’s a series of permits and design elements that go into play. Of course, not everyone’s house looks the same, so our designers take precautions to ensure your roof can fit the panels.

Resource Selection

With sustainable energy becoming more popular across several sectors, there is a high demand for the photovoltaic materials. Working with quality brands and manufacturers will ensure that your panels will last for a long time.

Management & Construction

The structural integrity of your home is heavily considered when it comes time to install the panels and place them with the optimum amount of exposure of sun energy. The construction process is a meticulous one, but well worth it.



Our company’s focus is to help clients with residential or commercial properties get the most out of their energy usage. Renewable energy isn’t unfathomable anymore.

With Our Solar Solutions, the possibilities are endless. Choose renewable resources!

You may be asking yourself, “can I afford to make the switch?” and what you should be asking yourself is if you can afford not to do it. Energy costs have risen at a steady increase for over 20 years and unless we take charge, they’ll continue to do so. 
We’re slowly descending into uncharted territory with global warming and pollution so, making the switch can benefit not only your home and family, but also the environment. For more information on how to get started, give us a call!
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